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Category: Translation news

Which foreign languages should you learn?

Which foreign languages should you learn? Knowledge of a foreign language is as important as ever. A second language is now a basic necessity for everyone. It will come useful at work, education, travel, etc.   Choosing which language to study is an important step, since it will open a whole world of new possibilities. Some language are more widespread than [...]
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Language rating by beauty

Language rating by beauty It is basically impossible to determine which language is the most beautiful, since everyone has their own preferences and it is impossible to devise some universal criteria. Nevertheless, scientist decided to undertake this challenge and made a rating of the most beautiful languages based on how they sound and how their writing is perceived. Which [...]
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Combo Translator brings together Google, Yandex and Bing

Combo Translator The developers of the Combo Translator application managed to combine several popular online translation programs into one. Now a user can choose the most suitable variant from the proposed Google Translate, Yandex Translator and Bing Translator. The app is already available at Microsoft Store for free download. It requires Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile [...]
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Who finds it easier to learn foreign languages?

language study Washington university researchers found out who finds it easier to study foreign languages and why.   19 people ranging from 18 to 31 years old were selected for the study. French was picked as the target language, since none of the subjects had any knowledge of it. At the first stage all subjects were tested [...]
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What men and wowen are talking about in social media

lexicology A group of linguists from the universities of Australia, the UK and the USA studied around 10 million messages sent by 52 thousand Facebook users in order to find out what men and women talk about on social networks. The research was conducted using the lexical analysis method. Its results were published in the Plos [...]
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